Our Products

Youtube Kids

Mobile application contains all useful videos that kids need from the contents of original YouTube while preserving the values and ethics that are missing a lot of movies you can now allow your children to browse YouTube safely.


Advance Your Recruitment Process

CareeRec is a fully hosted ATS solution to simplify your recruitment process, help you find better calibers and make your decision data-driven.

Hnakol Eh

Mobile Application will help you to take a daily decision  to choose your favorite food from more than 1000 items and learn how to it.

Ra8y Setat

Ra8y.com is a social media community for ladies & girls only, to help them to ask and discuss each others with anonymous identity.

available as a website and mobile application with Arabic, English interfaces.

Up To 8

upto8.com is a website for kids & mothers for learning, playing and entertainments, available in three different languages (Arabic – English – French).


Sa7afa Dot Net

News website technology, collect the news from newspapers automatically.



Khod Khebra

Website to help entrepreneurs, projects owners and students to learn and study in varies fields like Management – new  projects – leadership and marketing.